Funny Songs

Flat Stanley Song

Author:T&G (Educational)
Theme: The Journey Of Life

I am flat Stanley
Fold me up and away I go
Over mountains land and sea
Oh (name) the places you can take me

VERSE1 suggestions: Where'd you go? (wait for answer) Ohhhhh..
What'd you see there? ... Cooollll...
Who'd you meet?... Mmmmm
What you talk about? ......
What's your NAME?....

VERSE2 suggestions: What'd you DO there?
What'd you eat?
What'd it smell like?
What'd you hear?
et c. (make up your own questions and responses)
What's your name again?

VERSE3 suggestions:
After the line: "NAME the places you can take me",
Teacher points at students;
each student in turn says where he would like to take Flat Stanley
See Study notes on Flat Stanley Song

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