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'Jesus' may be the name of a Pagan God

Names of False Gods

Below are some notes from research, read at your own risk:

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It is Yahshua, which means Yah is our salvation.

The latin-greek word 'Jesus' sounds like Je-Zeus (hey-zoos).
Zeus or dios is the Greek Sun God, hence "Sun"day worship.
"Soos" is Hebrew for "horse."
This Pagan name 'sus' is used in many name-endings like Tarsus, Pegasus, Dionysus, Parnassus, etc. to honor Zeus phonetically.
The Greek name endings like sus, sous, and seus may have been employed to give honor to "Zeus."
"Sus" in Latin means "pig."
The Latin Deus and Greek Zeus sound the same, because D and Z were both joined in a "DZ" sound.
The "Society", or the "Order" (Jesuits) [are said to have] promoted using Greek and mixing in the new letter, "J" to your iseous into Jesus.

In some places in the former Soviet Union, the name JESUS is spelled JEZUS, having come directly from the koine Greek.

Note: I'm told that At the UN building, there is only one statue: a colossus of Zeus posing naked.
The "chapel" of the UN building is operated by an organization known as Lucifer Trust, renamed recently Lucis Trust.
The meditation room has a huge image of the "All Seeing Eye" on the floor.

Clement of Alexandria trans-lettered the Name 'YHWH' from Hebrew into Greek as: IAOUE.

The Name of our Messiah in the "received" Greek is written: IESOU and IESOUS.
The ending "S" is added because the Greek language requires male names to end in 's.'
The Question is, 'Why did the Greeks leave most proper names alone, but so badly botch the most important 2 names?

The book 'Come Out Of Her My People' shows how several ancient languages worshiped false deities under the names ESUS, ISIS, HESUS, and others.

Our Father`s name is YAHUAH and His son`s name is YahshuaH (not Jesus.)
Jesus is linked to a pagan name for the sun god 'Jupiter.'
The "J" is only 500 yrs old.

So, 'Jesus' means nothing in Hebrew, the language it supposedly came from!
"Soos" is Hebrew for "horse".
The name Yeshua means "help" or "save", but the true Name "YAHUSHUA" means "YAH is our salvation."
The association with Zeus with the "sus" ending is possibly an intended distortion, made by Pagan copyists of long ago.
Zeus was sometimes depicted as a HORSE-MAN, or "centaur".
The old Babylonian /Egyptian signs of the Zodiac/Zoo beasts in the skies included a centaur holding a bow and arrow, called Sagittarius - [which some interpret as] Nimrod, the mighty hunter.
Sagittarius is also known as Orion the hunter.
But while they got the most important name totally screwed up, "satan" came across rather close to its original: shatan.
And the translators managed to get the name for the Yerushaliyim garbage dump correct also; but they just couldn't get the "Name above all names" right.

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