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Aloe : Love Lubricant From Heaven

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Aloe is a miracle plant.
Fresh-cut, direct from the plant aloe can, and probably should, replace your entire shelf full of:

But by FAR the funnest use for raw fresh aloe is as a love lubricant!

Aloe is by far the best and healthiest lubricant you can get on planet earth for oiling up your love machine.
(Pure, fresh coconut oil is nice too in a 'pinch', but aloe blows away coconut oil.)
Nothing else even compares; forget about anything the drugstore sells, like KY-Jelly.
All that commercial aloe stuff is crap.

Now don't mess around with any solution you buy pre-made, even if it says 'pure aloe.'
Those store-bought concoctions often burn and sting your queen.
Talk about a groove killer!
Drugstore aloe potions contain preservatives and who-knows-what unregulated ingredients.
You want the real, fresh deal.
Your marriage deserves the finest, straight from YHWH (the Creator.)

You'll want the biggest aloe plants you can get.
We have a garden full of them, many of the plants 3 feet high, because we use aloe for everything.

But for love lube you only need a little.
About two teaspoons full should get the ball rolling nicely!

  • Cut at least a square-inch of a good thick leaf, cut off the prickly-spines, slice the leaf open, and put the leaf on the table.
  • Pound the clear pulp with the knife blade until there's lots of clear liquid juice, and not many clumps.
  • Now the fun part: Generously apply the juice to 'husband' and 'wife', perhaps warming the juice first with a candle or rubbing it between your hands.

  • If you have enough aloe juice, massage it in wherever feels good:
    Shoulders, neck, use your imagination; it's up to you two.
    If your 'parts' start to dry, apply some more.
    (Keep the juice nearby in a little bowl, just in case you need more.)
    When you get "going," start very gently, not too fast;
    even though it feels smooth as butter, you still have to wait for her to warm up.

    You gonna' dig it!

    If you are interested in the full instructions and clear but tasteful pictures on how to use aloe, send an anonymous note using the contact form below (no contact info is required), and we'll try get the instructions posted on this page within a few days.

    P.S. If you do the above, and she still feels pain, have her eat a large piece of the aloe vera "meat," every day.
    She can eat all she can stand, until it produces too much lubrication in the digestive system.
    Eating aloe can clear blockages in the lower intestine and the reproductive system.
    Such blockages can cause pain when hubby does his thing.