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Can We Say "God" And "Jesus" To The Uneducated?

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Proper names are important.
But names can sometimes be eclipsed by the mental images and feelings that people associate with those words.

In situations where people know what you're talking about or you have time to explain, and in your own prayers, it makes good sense to use the Hebraic Proper names for the Father, like Yah, Yahuweh, Yahua, and Yahshua for his Son.
The Hebrew Names carry something like the original sound, but more importantly, a much deeper meaning than the generic names "God" and "Jesus", or in Spanish: "Dios" and "Jesús."

But a lot of times you won't have time to explain and it may be more important to just use the more common paganized/translated names (Jesus, Lord/Baal, God/Gaad) to just to get a more immediate point across.

Only YAH fully knows why we read the paganized names in the Greek New Testament.
Communicating clearly with the pagans may have been a goal of the Greek Newer Testament writers or editors.
Sometimes communicating with uneducated people requires us to give up strict verbal accuracy.