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Who Are Troy & Genie & What Can They Do For Me?

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Troy & Genie are Media Concept Developers working primarily in Los Angeles, California, with occasional assignments in NYC, Nashville, Asia, and the 3rd world.
Troy & Genie specialize in architecting family-friendly media products by building an initial marketing concept all the way to a finished script with custom-tailored songs.

Who Cares?

Executive producers rely on Troy & Genie to create work that might have been written by Dr. Seuss, Shel Silverstein, Randy Newman, Stephen Sondheim, William Goldman, Tom Lehrer, or Rodgers & Hammerstein.
Troy and Genie work as screenwriters, song-writers, script surgeons, song doctors, ghost-writers and biblical media consultants.
Their writing has been employed by every major media corporation in America.
Troy & Genie's innovations continue to influence a who's who of recent generations of filmmakers and musical hit-makers.
Troy & Genie are known by development executives as the go-to call when no other writers can figure out how to execute a complicated and difficult concept.

These guys can write anything. - Clive Davis


A director asked Troy & Genie to translate bible sections into visual screenplay-like language, free of any contradictions or "director-traps." (Director-traps are words or sentences which are not literally film-able, either because they are contradictory, or non-visual.) 20 years later, the project has grown to become The Cinematic Bible, which has spawned several Biblical film adaptations.

The Los Angeles School system was looking for Dr. Seuss-like material that would grab the attention of older children and dyslexic teens. The result: Hot Fox In A Box.

An Aid Agency seeking to enhance awareness of the plight of Haiti teamed with Troy & Genie to create Haiti Aid Live, a concert series featuring A-list Hollywood film-scoring musicians with indigenous Haitian singers, drummers, and dancers.

The largest Christian record company in the world asked Genie & Troy to write and produce music to fill a market demand for scripture-memory music that was fun, like SchoolHouse Rock. The resulting concept is the 500-scripture (and counting) series: Scripture Rock, featuring some of L.A.'s hottest talent.

A famous record label asked Troy & Genie to write and produce 3 albums of alpha-wave generating (calming) music that was also musically lush, rich, and satisfying. The result: Angels All Around.

A film company seeking exciting, clean Holiday programming ordered Dirty Pig Christmas.

A company manufacturing probiotic nutritional supplements sought to create awareness through entertainment: The result: a Pixar-like script called The Probiotics.

A group of Amish missionaries need help to pass international borders without biometric identification. Troy & Genie work with lawyers on both sides of the borders to create the Religious Travel Rights Initiative, to keep 1st Amendment freedoms alive in the land of the free.

A multi-million-dollar media studio wanted a way to "see" scripts at a glance, to keep directors from getting lost in the middle of projects. The result is the "Roller Coaster" emotion-mapping story-development system.

An educational products company wanted a comprehensive way to tag their articles with themes, complete with visual icons. The result: The Universal Thematic Classification System.

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