Research ~~- On "Church-ianity": The Whore On The Back Of The Beast

Easter is a Pagan Holiday (Ishtar)

Idolatry Easter (Ishtar) is the occult goddess of wealth accumulation and fertility.
She is clearly a manifestation of Satan, the devil.

All the concordances say so:
Strongs # 6255: Ashtaroth of (the) double horns (a symbol of the deity)

from the root: # 6238 `ashar aw-shar' : to accumulate; (specifically) to grow (causatively, make) rich:--be(-come, en-, make, make self, wax) rich

#6253 `Ashtoreth as 6251; Ashtoreth, the Phoenician goddess of love (and increase)

When you celebrate Easter instead of Passover, you're substituting an occult ritual based in sex and materialism for a holy festival honoring the Hebrew Supreme Being.

When you celebrate Easter, you celebrate the very religion that caused the pagans to be destroyed, while ignoring the ritual that the Creator gave the Hebrews as a doorway to escape the destruction.

The Roman State religion was (and is) sun-worship (Mithraism), like that of Babylon, Medo-Persia, and Greece before it.

Sun-worship made perfect sense to the common mind before telescopes.
The sun came up every day and gave you warmth, crops, food, and light.
The logic went, "Who needed some invisible god when you had the ever-reliable sun?"

But Yahushuah's teaching was so powerful that Constantine couldn't fight it.
So in a classic, "if you can't beat 'em, join' em" move, Constantine enforced a blended form of Christianity and Mithraism on the empire.
Constantine out-lawed the true Sabbath, and enforced Sun-day worship under penalty of death.
Constantine established Catholicism (Latin meaning: Universalism) by setting the dates for observing the weekly "sabbath" as Sun-day, and Easter for the empire.

Easter was already one of several vital Pagan observances, originally "Ishtar", commemorating the impregnation of the Earth-Mother nine months prior to the winter solstice!
(Count the months: April conceptions get birthed in December...)

Springtime was sacred to the sex worshipers of Phoenicia.
Their fertility goddess, Astarte, or Ishtar (Aphrodite to the Greeks),
had as her symbols the egg and the hare.
She had an insatiable thirst for blood and immoral sex.
Her statues variously depicted her as having rudely exaggerated sex organs
or with an egg in her hand and a rabbit ( Astarte-Esther-The
Easter Bunny) at her side.

So Easter celebrates the sex act which creates the sun, and 'Christmas' (Winter Solstice) celebrates the re-birth of the Sun.

Deuteronomy 12:30&31 clearly forbid the worship of YHWH after Pagan ways/methods/patterns.

So you can scratch Easter and Christmas off of the list of things you have to be concerned with.
No more going into debt for Christmas presents...
No more lying to your children about Santa...
No more feeling guilty if you don't go to 'church' (circe) on those days.

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