Research ~~- On "Church-ianity": The Whore On The Back Of The Beast

Religion = Re-Legion

Counterfeit Judeo-Christian Religion Religion, in the worldly sense is the process of returning you to the "legion."
The Legion is the military culture, the hive-mind, the devil's marching band.
Legion is also the name for the hosts of demonic powers.

It works like this: The Spirit of Yah, your Creator, blows into you, perhaps though a sunrise, the kiss of a newborn, or even the Bible.
You wind up in a church, seeking fellowship with your creator, wishing for fellowship with other faithful people.

However, soon you find you have been enrolled back in the War State.
The church gives you some spiritual guidance, but the church's priorities skew toward commerce and politics, of course all veiled behind a mask of "religious" peity.

Here are some telltale signs:

Re-Legion is a "linking back" or "yoking" (as in the Hindu word for religion: "Yoga.")
In contrast, Yahshuah calls us to yoke with him.
But religion always tries to yoke us to a world-system-controlled "Circe" (church) which leads us away from YHWH.

Churchianity" as 'anti-christ' (a false medi..." href="?w=781">

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